StonePeak Crate

<p>StonePeak Crate Tile is created with a true resemblance to that of aged wood.&nbsp; Crate products are colored throughout the tile and are available in three elegant colors: Colonial White, Charred Bark, and Weathered Board. &nbsp;All colors are available in two sizes including a 48" plank and a classic yet modern mosaic strip featuring combined colors.&nbsp; There is also a complete trim system available to finish off any project. Architects and designers can create with confidence using StonePeak Crate Tile knowing they can rely on products that are as beautiful as they are practical. This valued mixture of natural beauty and man-made durability is unmatched in the industry.</p> <p>Finding the natural expression you want in any area of your home is easy with StonePeak Crate Tile. All products have a unique look derived from nature itself.&nbsp; StonePeak brings a uniquely American character to the tradition of fine Italian ceramics.&nbsp; The inspiration for StonePeak Crate Tile is Mother Nature.&nbsp; Here you have the beauty of hardwood with the convenience, durability, and functionality of tile.&nbsp; Furthermore, StonePeak makes sure that each piece of porcelain tile produced in their factory in Tennessee reflects the individuality and beauty of natural wood, right down to subtle variances in color and nuance.</p>