Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Vinyl

Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Vinyl is available in two grades, depending on the type of commercial application for which it will be used. If you decide to go with Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl, you will impress clients, employees, and customers alike. The hardwood look is warm and inviting as luxury vinyl tile can be an extremely versatile, durable, aesthetically pleasing flooring option that is especially useful in commercial applications. While the traditional normal types of hardwood are always the best choice in residential applications, The fast and furious atmosphere of the business world makes it a less than ideal option for commercial spaces, as it will scratch easily, dent, and be susceptible to moisture from the accidental spills that occur in places of business. Your will never have to worry about scratches, moisture, or cracking with Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl.

Sporting thick wear layers and poly vinyl chloride’s inherent strength and durability, Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl can be utilized in places like hospitals, educational facilities, government buildings, and retail stores. Shaw Philadelphia will undoubtedly bring unmatched style, luxury, and class to your commercial space. Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Luxury Vinyl offers many flooring solutions for your business, bringing all of the visuals of the natural world in the essence of luxury vinyl tile with the look of real authentic, traditional hardwood.

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