Shaw Pebble Hill Hickory 5"

Hickory hardwood flooring from Shaw Pebble Hill completely transforms the aesthetics of any elegant room with its rich finish.  Crafted from hand-scraped hickory, this beautiful flooring offers a textured look that is incredibly resilient due to its ScufResist PLATINUM UV cured polyurethane finish.  This unique design enables the floor to resist the typical household scuffing that plagues most hardwood floors.  Hand scraped hickory floors by Shaw Pebble Hill pair beauty and function to improve the look of heavily traveled areas in a home.

Besides beauty and practicality, the various shades and sizes of the Shaw Pebble Hill hickory collection make it an ideal choice no matter your room design or motif.  You can choose from Prairie Dust, Stonehenge, Olde English, Burnt Barnwood, Warm Sunset, and Weathered Saddle.  The options available make it easy to present your room in any style ranging from traditional to modern. The finish helps bring alive any room in which it is installed. Furthermore, this hardwood flooring can be placed over water-type radiant heating and can be used anywhere in the house whether it is above, on, or below ground level.  For peace of mind, all Shaw Pebble Hill Hickory flooring carries a Limited Lifetime Wear Warranty that the face surface will not peel off or wear through for as long as you own your home.

To learn more about hand scraped hardwood hickory flooring by Shaw Pebble Hill, contact us today.