Shaw Grand Canyon 8" Solid Hardwood

Shaw Grand Canyon Hardwood flooring features timeless looks and flairs that heighten the sophistication and countryside charisma of this stunning, green line of floors. These styles are a true showcase, as well as being an industrial phenomenon with a unique green story: Grand Canyon is the first 8" solid plank made 100% from recycled mill products. Premium solid wood is carefully hand-scraped, a method that highlights the generously defined grain configuration. Fashionable shades of color and special textures emphasize the natural wood grain and show a sense of style and loveliness. The texture procedure involves horizontal and side-to- scraping, which recreates a late 19th century technique of quarter-sawn wood used in very fine floors. This beautiful scraped texture - only able to be done by hand - results in a brindled coloration like that found in nature.   Some styles / colors are brindled and side-scraped; others feature a straight up-and-down scraping, that gives the floor surface a totally different look. The darker colors have undergone a multiple-step process that results in an antiqued effect.

The boards for Shaw Grand Canyon Hardwood floors are 3/4” thick and are available in Bright Angel, Plateau Point, and Thunder River.  They can be installed above or at ground level and the flooring is warranted against the face surface not peeling off or wearing through for 50 years from the date of purchase.