Shaw Fired Hickory

Fired Hickory Tile is Shaw’s newest glazed porcelain tile that looks like attractively worn, pastoral hickory. It has the appearance of natural, real wood with cross-sawn cuts, knots, and whirls. A special ink-jet process that gives these 6” x 24” tiles their rich color and unbelievable features, creating a special look suitable for any room. Fired Hickory is made for the long term and will look great for a long time.  It handles freezing temperatures and goes anywhere—in the home, on the patio, down in the basement, or outside on the deck whether it is a residential or commercial setting.

Fired Hickory Tile currently comes in 4 contemporary trending colors.  There is Spicebark which contains subtle golden browns fading to sandy blonde, with dark graining for the "spice".  Alder is higher contrast with warm red undertones and brighter highlights on rich medium brown.  Nutmeg has minimum contrast that contains even tones of earthy brown with an accent of high-character grain.  Pecan offers a higher contrast with a deep, smudgy brown and charcoal grain punching up cool tones of gray.  These tiles are manufactured in the USA and boast a 40% recycled content in their make-up. Fired Hickory Tile features random variations of shade and texture.  When installing the tiles, it is best to randomly use some from each carton to optimally blend the colors.  It is best to decide where you are placing tiles before adhering them to the surface.