Shaw Array Urbanality 6 Mil Luxury Vinyl Plank

<p><a href="">Shaw Urbanality 6 Mil Luxury Vinyl Plank</a> is unique. It offers designs and colors intentionally suited for urban spaces and multi-family housing—anywhere people enjoy forward-thinking decor. That’s because there’s a great need in many markets—especially urban—for products without busy graining or strong character.&nbsp; Urbanality steps into new visuals that feature clean, simple-grained woods like maple and oak and maple, plus other woodsy designs to brighten up your room. Urbanality’s design intentionally avoids regional characteristics and works well for both west coast and east coast looks.&nbsp; Available in 14 different styles, Shaw Urbanality Vinyl Plank offers lots of colors, lower gloss level, and some very progressive designs—all designed to please the discerning eye of any decorator whether traditional or contemporary.</p> <p>The Shaw Urbanality Vinyl flooring come in 6" x 36" planks and is laid on the floor with an adhesive. It is warranted not to stain or wear through, and will not fade from exposure to the sun. The flooring is available in both a 6 mil wear level that comes with a 15 year home warranty and a 5 year light commercial warranty.&nbsp; The 12 mil is 25 years residential and 7 year light commercial.&nbsp; Shaw Urbanality Vinyl Plank can be installed above, on, and below ground level.</p>