Ragno Cambridge Oak

<p>Ragno Cambridge Oak porcelain flooring embraces the lifelike look and feel of naturally grained and whorled wood in Cambridge Oak. You probably need to look at it again and even touch it to be positive that it’s not real wood.&nbsp; The tiles come in 36” lengths and in 6 and 9 inch.&nbsp; The tiles have accurate surface graining and tinting, enhanced through 3D digital printing.&nbsp; What this gives you is the splendor of prominent oak graining with all the benefits of porcelain, and none of the maintenance headaches. Colors come in Black, Brown, and a Natural hue.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Ragno porcelain tiles require nominal upkeep. Tiles can be freshened up with clear water and/or a soapless cleaner.&nbsp; Follow with a clear water rinse and wipe dry to maintain the luster.&nbsp; Spilled liquids may stain the light-colored products and have to be quickly wiped up.&nbsp; DO not seal or acid clean any Ragno porcelain tiles.</p> <p>The tile should be thoroughly cleansed of grout after installation (following the grout manufacturer’s instructions) to assure ease of maintenance. Glazed ceramic or porcelain tile needs to be kept clean on a regular basis to prevent build-up of dirt, grease, soap residue, sealers, dampness, liquids, etc., in order to prevent slippery conditions.</p>