McNear Thin Brick

McNear Thin Brick is a modern design with old world charm.  This line provides the same look and durability as clay bricks, but without the extra footings and weight limitations.  McNear Thin Bricks have a hard, durable, and cleanable surface which makes them perfect for entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms.  They can be used as colored accents on ordinary brick walls, framing windows and doorways, or as bands or quoins.  This product creates a richly pigmented, durable, low-maintenance, graffiti-resistant surface.  Due to their smaller size, thin bricks leave less of an environmental footprint than full-sized bricks. Not to mention, McNear clay brick products are made using 40% - 100% recycled materials.

McNear Thin Brick fires ceramic glazes over Thin Brick to create a product line that blends the beauty of ceramic tile with the strength and utility of brick.  McNear offers a multitude of colors available in four series: Old California, Sandmold, Town, and Commercial.  Thin Brick’s many benefits are that no expensive footings or supports are required, it encourages faster construction times, and it is do-it-yourself friendly.  In addition McNear Thin Brick is great for remodels, is applicable to any interior or exterior surface, and has a low environment cost.  Thin Brick provides all of these benefits without sacrificing any of the durability, low maintenance, beauty, and value of traditional brick construction.

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