Marazzi American Estates

<p><strong>Marazzi American Estates</strong></p> <p>Regal Floor Covering understands the desire for the look of hardwood, without the function or upkeep of a real wooden floor, which is why we carry a line of Marazzi American Estates alternative flooring options.</p> <p>"Marazzi American Estates" offers the attractiveness of a handcrafted wooden floor reproduced on color body porcelain stoneware. This flooring is produced in the wide plank style of old to bring that ambience back to the present day.&nbsp;&nbsp; This natural wood substitute stands up to the normal enemies of a regular floor: water, humidity, freezing temperatures, and is durable against typical scuffing and wear and tear.&nbsp; The flooring’s technical ability to withstand heat, cold, and moisture make it an outstanding choice for kitchens and bathrooms.&nbsp; Its other advantages are its resistance against staining and preventing the growth of mold while looking gorgeous in the process.</p> <p>American Estates is made with a 3D digital print technique that produces the richly grained look that is associated with a quality hardwood floor.&nbsp; When looking at a plank of American Estates, you would think that you have an artistically crafted piece of wood flooring in your hand.&nbsp;&nbsp; There are two sizes of planks - 6"x36" and 9"x36" – that require minimal joints for grouting and they come in three colors: Natural (light), Saddle (medium) and Spice (dark).&nbsp; These can be used by themselves or in any combination to bring a room to life.&nbsp; The planks may be cut into any design and due to its unique non-wood properties, <strong>Marrazzi American Estates</strong> can also be used as a countertop, backsplash, and even in a shower!</p> <p>Contact us today to learn more about porcelain tile and other hardwood alternative flooring options.</p>