Karndean Vinyl

Karndean Vinyl Flooring has all the beauty of natural wood without any of its practical drawbacks. Karndean Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for use in homes or businesses that have high traffic areas, and is also a great choice to consider as the best alternative to traditional hardwood especially if you have children or pets, because damage to those types of floors we know can happen, but not homes with vinyl flooring like Karndean.  Throughout your home, Karndean flooring can provide you with the perfect floors for your space, your needs and your style. Karndean offers something new and different to the vinyl flooring industry. Karndean Design flooring has been named to the Pittsburgh Business Times Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 2014.

The Karndean Vinyl flooring is available in many different styles, including options like Van Gogh Plank, a series that captures the appearance of classic, elegant hardwood flooring called Knight Tile, that has the look of natural stone, Art Select Plank, which casts a likeness of true rustic hardwood making your home the perfect place for this type of vinyl flooring. By offering a wide and impressive range of colors, textures and finishes, you can create the looks that are unique to your home and guaranteed to last for many, many years to come. If you're looking for natural looking unique flooring designs that capture the realism of wood in such a way that brings the outdoors into your home surrounding then Karndean vinyl flooring is easy on the eyes, yet also strikingly stunning and stylish. Call for the absolute best pricing on Karndean Floors.

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