From The Forest

The biggest problems with wood flooring is that it can be destroyed too easily and it takes A LOT of wood to make a floor.  From The Forest has addressed these issues with our HDF Core products. By using 100% recycled hardwood to make our 2x more dent resistant HDF cores, and when coupled with our superior Wearmax XT finish the necessary size of the wood veneer is minimal. These innovations ensure that our customers will pay less for a more durable environmentally friendly floor, all at a lesser cost. Our lumber is purchased from suppliers that have active reforestation programs, and share our environmental responsibility.  Only a portion of mature trees are cut, leaving other mature trees for seeding purposes, and smaller trees for future logging. We are committed to sustainable forest management and we encourage the use of wood as an environmentally acceptable and renewable material.  We have not and will not purchase lumber from any supplier involved in improper practices.

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