Armstrong Laminate Premium Commercial

<p>Armstrong Premium Commercial Laminate offers style flexibility with the most effective style and overall performance in laminate flooring. Premium industrial Laminate is a rigid covering consisting of lean sheets of fibrous material, manufactured with melamine resins and pressed onto the flooring material. The four layers of the flooring embody a superior, heat-fused laminate surface, ornamental layer, high-density fiberboard core layer, and laminate backing or reconciliation layer. The ensuing composite structure is sliced into sections and is finished with tongue-and-groove joints on the sides. It is appropriate to be used on all floor levels. Armstrong’s wetness resistant HydraCore and core provides stability and lasting sturdiness. Armstrong’s wear resistant VisionGuard industrial layer protects against spills, stains and weakening. The rear layer provides balance and wetness resistance.</p> <p>Whether you decide on an exotic motif or a homey setting, you'll be able to choose between ten styles within the Premium Commercial Laminate line that give a prosperous color, texture, but also the realistic look of natural hardwood flooring. Upkeep is a snap with Armstrong’s Premium industrial flooring. It only needs a decent sweeping, dry mopping, or vacuuming. Keep excess moisture off the floor as it can cause damage. Surface dirt, grit, grease or high-heel marks should be taken care of right away.</p> <p>Armstrong Flooring is committed to consistently reducing its environmental footprint and providing innovative merchandise and services that allow their customers to have a condusive indoor environment.</p>