American Florim Forest

<p>The American Florim Forest Collection is a five-color glazed porcelain stoneware.&nbsp; Due to high definition graphics technology, the surface design of the porcelain tile resembles a very authentic natural wood.&nbsp; There are many reasons to choose impervious porcelain tile over other flooring materials. It supplies the biggest selection of design possibilities and holds its value the longest. Porcelain tile offers one of the most durable and least expensive options as compared to other flooring options. Benefits of porcelain tile are that they are impervious to water, easy to maintain, offer a variety of design options, are environmentally friendly and are resistant to germs and bacteria.</p> <p>American Florim Forest is very durable and maintains its long-term value vs. other floor coverings.&nbsp; It comes in five different colors: Mystic, Liana, Rain, Amazon, and Black.&nbsp; The uniform size of the floor and wall tiles is 6"x24"; coordinating trim tiles are a 6"x12" cove base as well as inside and outside corners.&nbsp; Maintaining and cleaning of porcelain tiles is easy: sweep or vacuum regularly and wash with a household cleaner and hot water then rinse with clean water (Wax, oil-based, or abrasive cleaners are not recommended).</p>